May 2017

Carolyn’s set of four plays, Sexologically Speaking, has just been published by Stagescripts. Four humorous and sometimes dark plays involving sex and older people. The quartet of plays can be performed by a cast of four actors.  A man and woman in their sixties plus and a man and a woman in their mid-forties plus.  The first three are short (10-15 mins) whilst Double Image is longer at 45-50 mins. The plays can be performed all together, or in any combination.

Ros Adler and Edmund Dehn in Double Image

Rosalind Adler and Edmund Dehn in Double Image, part of Sexologically Speaking quartet.


March 2017

Carolyn's television play Stuck in the Middle with You was read at Actors and Writers London on 20 March. The play was written for television and the reading consisted of two episodes: Pie in the Sky and Cleaned Out.

With the following cast: Paul Antony-Barber, Stephanie Connell, Alice De-Warrenne,
Mansel David, Jenny Patrick, Zulema Dene, Shaun Mendum, Orsolya Nagy, Michael Murray and Susan Casenove as narrator, directed by Maurice Thorogood. 


December 2016

Carolyn performed in her play, Stuff of Dreams at the Park Theatre, Finsbury Park, London on 14 December for North London Actors, with Edmund Dehn and Alexander Jonas.

Her short play Who is Sylvia? won third prize at the Actors & Writers London "Change of Heart" Winter Competition, directed by Maurice Thorogood.

Jacki Piper and Gregory Cox

Cast: Jacki Piper and Gregory Cox


November 2016

Carolyn's play Double Image had a rehearsed play reading at Actors & Writers London on 14 November.  Rosalind Adler, Edmund Dehn, Michael Murray and Stephanie Connell were in the cast, directed by Anthony Shrubsall.

Edmund Dehn and Rosalind Adler

Edmund Dehn and Rosalind Dehn


September 2016

Carolyn played the part of Harriet in For Grace written by Andrew Keatley and directed by Sebastian Armesto.  For Grace is a new feature film, nominated for Best UK Feature in this year's Raindance Festival.

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October 2015

Carolyn's play, Between Friends, co-writter with Rosalind Adler, had a rehearsed reading at Brasserie Blanc, Castle Street, Farnham, Surrey on 18 October 2015.  Maurice Thorogood directed Rosalind Adler, Olivia Busby and Robert Reina.

Between Friends


July 2015

Carolyn's play, Intrusion was performed by Keith Warren and Jenny Patrick, at Actors & Writers London on 13 July and won First Prize at the Summer Competition Night.


June 2015

Eden's Garden by Carolyn was performed at Actors & Writers London on 1 June as part of their Showcase evening.


March 2015

Carolyn's play, Otherwise Engaged, was performed at Actors & Writers London on 30 March at the Polish Centre in Hammersmith, and won Third Prize for the Spring Competition.


October 2014

A Moment of Madness by Carolyn was performed by Stephanie Connell at Actors & Writers London on 6 October as part of their Showcase evening.


September 2014

Carolyn's play, Yesterday's Child, was performed at Actors & Writers London on 8 September at the Polish Centre in Hammersmith, directed by Zadoque Lopes-Bezerra.


July 2014

Carolyn wrote and performed in her own play, Life Changes, alongside Edmund Dehn at the Society of Women Writers and Journalists at the Liberal Club in London, as part of their 120 year celebration. The play was directed by Jenny Patrick.

Carolyn Pertwee with Edmund Dehn


April 2014

Carolyn's play, On the Ledge, was performed by Stephanie Connell and David Hampshire at Actors & Writers London on 7 April at the Polish Centre in Hammersmith, and won First Prize.


September 2013

Carolyn's short story A Moment of Madness has been shortlisted for the Wimbledon Bookfest's Short Story Competition.  Carolyn will be reading her story, along with the other finalists, in the William Morris Tent which is on the corner of The Green and Southside, near the War Memorial in Wimbledon.  The audience picks the winner.


July 2013

Carolyn's play, The Fifteenth of July was performed by Paul Antony-Barber and Carolyn, at Actors & Writers London on 15 July 2013 and won First Prize at the Summer Competition Night.


September 2012

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August 2012

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July 2012

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June 2012

Carolyn's book, Feeling the Fear, which was published in February 2012, has been selected to feature in Lovereading's short story promotion.


April 2012

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March 2012

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February 2012

Carolyn has good reason to be feeling the fear with a debut collection of short stories of that name just published, and opening a West End musical at the same time.

Feeling the Fear

A young woman’s life is turned upside down as she prepares to confront her deepest fears. A group of friends is called together to hear a clergyman’s shocking revelation.  A little girl tries to make amends, in the only way she knows how.  A down-and-out variety performer remembers his dearest companion.  A tumultuous love affair is given an unusual new perspective.  A mother tries to mend a damaged relationship with her son, but he’s changed beyond recognition. Regular London walks evoke past times and events for a veteran and his friend.

In these short stories – tales of love, betrayal, death, family turmoil, sexual misdemeanours, friendship, sadness, pathos and even murder – a twist and a turn are never far away. Often compared to Roald Dahl’s stories this collection of tales is sometimes moving, frequently humorous, always entertaining and guaranteed to keep you intrigued.

Feeling the Fear publication date was 29 February 2012.   Click here to order from APP.

Feeling the Fear

A Bowl of Cherries

A Bowl of Cherries, a new musical revue, for which Carolyn has written the book was recently performed at the Charing Cross Theatre.  A Bowl of Cherries looks at life through a cycle of plays and songs, observed by two theatre ghosts from the last war; Penny Riddle and Albert Farthing, who are trapped between this world and the next.

It starred Gary Wilmot and Clare Buckfield, was directed by Olivier Award nominated Andrew C. Wadsworth, and music and lyrics by Ivor Novello Award winning songwriter, David Martin. 

A Bowl of Cherries

"In my opinion, this performance skilfully demonstrates an integration of both plays and songs that all musicals should aspire to. Growing old and the all-knowing familial predicaments that resonate with us all, in quite possibly the most laugh-out-loud way imaginable." Isabelle Coy-Dibley

"Sentimental and British, the show easily could've been sickly-sweet, but the modern relevance of the script against the rose-tinted narration is a compelling combination.  Not least because - whoever you are - you will find yourself in at least one of the characters.  Whether you'll like how you come across is a different story.  But this story is a must-see." Pink Paper Magazine

"If you're looking for a nice, entertaining evening and want to see something different that Theatre land currently has to offer at the moment then it is worth checking this one out.   The material is well-written that it will have you chuckling away one moment and then completely drawing you in at the next.  It excels a strong case and is definitely choice for watching a new British musical."
Max Reynolds

"There are some lovely moments captured by writer Carolyn Pertwee – kids believing babies are born through the belly button, and an incredibly touching Christmas day with an elderly couple who have found Viagra in their Santa sack, to name just two. Top marks go to sketch ‘Rosie and Dud’, which had the audience in hysterics due to outstanding performances from Gary Wilmot and, in particular, Julie Jupp, who are discussing “having a break” over their 25th wedding anniversary dinner." Pink Wire Top